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  • 第一福利航导航

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  • 第一福利航导航

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  • 第一福利航导航

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ing” ▓House), was a large and important group of buil▓dings, consisting of four great square tow▓ers linked together by a wall, and wi●th inner buildings of sorts.The main importa▓nce was, that it closed the ●Great Western Road, south of the Ken▓net valley, as Donnington Castle did▓ on the north bank of that river.It had been ●several times attempted during the pas▓t four years—first by Sir W.Waller in 1643,● who suffered heavily in his ▓attempt to storm; and other very partial attemp●ts followed, until Cromwell himse▓lf was sent to settle, once and for all, i▓n whose hands the